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New Skincare Tools to Use With Your A Complete Regimen

Feb 5, 2018
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Did anyone else notice the assortment of new skincare tools in the beauty aisles lately? These days, it seems like washing your face with your hands is so passé! The traditional way to your clean skin is currently undergoing a seriously sleek transformation as technology makes it coup into the beauty industry. Much like sleeping on a silk pillowcase to enhance the elasticity in your skin while you slumber, at home skin care tools will help penetrate cleansers, toners, and serum straight into your pores. From electronic 2- speed cleansing brushes to crystal face rollers, it’s not just about what products you choose to put on your face, but how you put them on your face. Keep your manicure fresh longer and use these tools at any step of your A Complete regimen.

Use A Complete Youth Preserve Deep Cleanser with a facial brush: Our soap-free formula is gentle enough to exfoliate your skin and remove makeup. If used with an electric or soft facial brush, the formula will rapidly hydrate skin while effectively removing dirt from the inner and outer surface.  These brushes have the potential to reach deep into the crevices of your noses, chin, and foreheads that help obtain a 360-clean that will prevent and eliminate breakouts. It’s basically a mini facial!

Use our Highly Concentrated Youth Preserve Serum and Moisturizer with Jade Facial Roller: Feeling tensed after a long day? Use a jade facial roller to relax your face with our ocean-smelling silky serum. Although jade rollers are considered trendy and “new” in today’s mainstream culture, these beauty tools have been used by Chinese empresses since the 1700s to give these royals literally stone age facials! Jade rollers can powerfully optimize the skin when properly moisturized with our serum and moisturizing cream. These small gems can also help depuff under eye bags.  Plus they are super cheap and can be purchased on Amazon for less than $10.

Use a Facial Toning System with A Complete’s Youth Preserve Eye Contour Cream: For the true beauty aficionados, there’s nothing like sealing in your eye cream with an electric shock sensation. Read with caution! In various professional facial treatments, especially in the Korean and European practices, shocking the skin with a special tool can awaken the skin cells even more than an actual ingredient, which goes a long way to prevent wrinkles. And now you don’t have to shell out the cash to a professional, you can do it at home with systems like Nu Face Trinity Eye and Lip Enhancer Attachment bundle. Would you dare?


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