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Love Is Power

Oct 30, 2017
  • Love is Power

By Angélica Fuentes

We all face challenging situations. I know sometimes it is very difficult to keep on going. There have been moments in my life when I really felt broken, but now I know that love will give you the strength to overcome any challenge and that you must look for that power within yourself.

Every human being is very powerful, but you must own this fact and internalize it. The first step towards real empowerment is self-acceptance. The starting point towards inner peace, happiness and a life of abundance, in the widest interpretation of this word, is to know exactly where you stand. You must be aware of the limitations that deter you from moving forward, and that stop you from obtaining what you really desire.

We all experience our own battles, which I prefer to call: opportunities to grow. After all, life is an ongoing process of learning.  Let me share with you the most important lessons that I have learned in this journey. I hope that you find them helpful when you are facing a difficult situation.

1.  It is very important to love, accept, and embrace your true self. You must believe in yourself, and no matter how difficult a situation may be, never EVER lose hope.

2. Do not bring the past into the present. Your past no longer exists. The only way to project towards the future is by LIVING in the present, and being thankful for every single blessing in your life, no matter how small it might seem.

3. Remember that justice also comes from within. Do not be afraid of what others think about of you. Ignore their judgments because that will not foster your personal growth.

4. You should only respond to your own expectations. Don’t plan your actions expecting to get external recognition, and don’t pursue success for the wrong reasons. Analyze what’s important to you, and transform those values into the cornerstone of your life.

5. To succeed is to internalize each lesson, become stronger and have the capacity to reconstruct yourself. To win is to learn and grow as human beings. In truth, it has nothing to do with competition or power struggles, but with letting go, with flowing with the natural course of life and moving forward to pursue a mission, which can be greater than ourselves.

6. Real victory means being able to live and feel intensely, in peace. It is doing what you are passionate about and connecting with your inner flame. Do not get involved in senseless battles seeking false success. Victory is in love and freedom.

7. So many of us think we don’t deserve love, peace, justice, freedom, opportunities, or happiness because we have become used to having the opposite. It is about time to stop feeling like you are unworthy; you do not have to be a target of abuse or a victim if you don’t wish to be one. Break these barriers and replace them with prosperity.

8. Love yourself. This is how you will unlock your inner power. This is how you will raise your vibration to become who you really are.

9. Love is power. Awakening the love within yourself will allow you to deeply love others and change the way you connect with the rest of the world.

Remember that at the end of this lifetime the only question your soul will have for your consciousness will be: Did you have the courage to be happy?

When the moment comes, I hope your answer is YES. Today, decide to be happy.

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