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How to Keep Your Skin Moisturized in The Winter

Feb 12, 2018
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As us east coasters settle into below freezing temperatures daily, our skin is sadly feeling the wind chill burn. It’s like we have to add an extra layer of moisturizer just to brave the cold, even if we are walking from the car to the supermarket entrance.  Protect your skin with moisturizing your pores from the inside out and out. There’s no better way to accomplish complete moisture than using our products. Here is a glimpse of key ingredients that will help your skin stay soft and supple all winter long!

Facial Youth Moisturizer:

The good news is that if your skin is dehydrated,  A Complete’s products are multifunctional. Before you go to bed, lather your skin with our thick cream after your cleansing routine. Formulated with de-aging properties that progressively address fine lines, this long-lasting facial moisturizer gives a pleasant feeling to the skin under the most extreme conditions. Here are some the key ingredients in the Facial Youth Moisturizer that will be a block:

Key Ingredient:: HYADISINE marine ingredient: The skin is hydrated and plumped with immediate and longer-lasting results, and wrinkles are smoothed almost instantly. The hydration rate is higher than with Hyaluronic Acid after 24 hours.

Highly Concentrated Youth Serum:

This gel-like serum is formulated with active de-aging ingredients whose marine origins could be helpful for hyaluronic acid synthesis. It contains an excellent source of moisturizer for dry, dehydrated skin and restores luminosity for a younger-looking.

Key Ingredients: CENTELLA ASIATICA EXTRACT, ROSEMARY LEAF EXTRACT, ECHINACEA LEAF EXTRACT: Specifically designed to boost and protect the structural elements that maintain the integrity of the skin, such as collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid appearance


Take care of yourself from the inside with A Complete Premium Beauty Concentrate for Skin Care. This unique beauty-enhancing formula targets in the skin’s deepest layers, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, restoring firmness to the skin and providing antioxidants for added nutritional support. We recommend adding these vitamins to your nightly skincare regimen.

Key Ingredient: Vitamin E:  Protection Against Oxidative Stress and replenishes the skin’s moisturizer overnight.

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