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Tips to Ace Your Next Job Interview – You got this!

Jan 6, 2017
  • Interview Tips AComplete

Competence without confidence can hold you back from achieving the career you dream of and deserve. While there are a number of reasons for falling short at a job interview. Studies reveal that lack of self-confidence and a self-doubt when women talk about their accomplishments are the most common reasons for disappointment. Looking to ace your next potential job meeting? Here are five job interview tips to keep in mind:

Communicate with body language

The way you use gestures and position your body can demonstrate confidence and build trust with an interviewer. First impressions are always based on non-verbal signals, such as your posture. When greeting an interviewer, offer a broad smile and make direct eye contact. During the interview, lean forward and keep your shoulders down and chest open. Avoid gestures that make you look smaller, such as placing your hands on your lap, hanging your head, or folding your arms. Your goal is to look confident, open, friendly and self-assured.

Be confident and strong

Women often downplay their accomplishments but hiring managers want to know about your achievements and what drives you. Think about how you innovated, organized and supported others in previous roles. Keep the focus on your successes and be ready to present specific examples. Remember, you got this!

Show that you can be a leader

Being a leader as well as a team player is an important skill in many positions. Don’t forget to mention people or projects you have led successfully and describe the victories you have achieved together. Haven’t had leadership experience in the workplace? Don’t hesitate to draw in examples from your personal life. A good example would be that time you organized a volunteer group or planned a big event for your family.

Arrive early

Aim to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled interview start time. This will allow you to get relaxed and settled. This is also your chance to observe the workplace dynamics firsthand and make a great first impression.

Show enthusiasm

Hiring managers want to see if an interviewee has genuine interest in the company. You can show enthusiasm by mentioning something positive about the organization you’re applying to work for.

Remember that practice beforehand is one of the most important factors for success. If you display confidence and strength when talking about your candidacy for a job. By doing this your skills and experience shine through.

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