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Culturally – Influenced Cold Remedies

Jan 15, 2018
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Before there was Walgreens Pharmacy, there were spice gardens and apothecaries. Now that we are settling into January, which marks the start of a new year, the infamous cold season is upon us.  Bundle up! Everyone has their own cold remedies and go-to regimen to get well. From New York to New Hampshire, temperatures have already dropped well into the single digits! Even Miami, Florida experienced a cold front with 40-degree weather at the beach. Ugh. With this drastic climate change, the body is bound to be set off its normal course and that’s basically how you get sick. Forgetting to wear your gloves and hat is a recipe for a sore throat or a runny nose! Sometimes drugstore cough syrup doesn’t get the job done! Here are 5 culturally influenced cold remedies for an alternative healing experience.


  1. Ginger and Basil Tea:

    An Indian cold remedy is very drinking herbal teas like Ginger and Basil tea. Ginger fights nausea, helps digestion, calms sore throats and coughs. Basil has a lot of antioxidants that restore your body in general. Mix these two together, topped with a little black pepper and Cardamom – a traditional Indian spice, and sip freely.

  2. Onions:

    Are your sinuses acting up? The Japanese culture will stand by the instant healing power of onions. One whiff of a fresh onion will clear away any stuffy and runny nose.

  3. Rum:

    Ever heard of a hot toddy? The French will tell you that a little tea with rum will make you feel better, especially if you have a mild infection from a common cold. The alcohol helps break down mucus. Just use your favorite tea bag, a cinnamon clove, honey, and a shot of rum!

  4. Turnips:

    In the Iranian culture hundreds of years ago, people were known to eat full plates of this out of date veggie. Turns out, it works wonders for respiratory common colds. Turnips are filled with vitamin C, B, and A.

  5. Turmeric:

    With origins in Southeast Asia and the global yoga lifestyle trend, Turmeric is by far one of the most well known natural remedies you can buy from almost any neighborhood grocery store. Turmeric is known for its highly identifiable aroma and bitter taste as it belongs to the ginger family. When mixed in with tea, it can benefit inflammatory organs. When placed directly to the skin, the orange powder can help cure eczema and minor wounds!

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