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Why You Should Clean Your Makeup Brushes On A Daily Basis

Jan 8, 2018
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When you find the perfect set of makeup brushes, you’ll want to use them daily. But if only we cleaned our makeup brushes as often as we cleaned our faces! Our skin would be better off, clear of breakouts, blemishes and oily pores. In 2018, set a new year’s resolution that is actually attainable – clean makeup brushes daily. Here’s a starter guide to conquering your new year’s resolution.

  1. Use quality makeup brushes.

    Although some brushes can cost more than makeup, you can find quality brushes at drugstores. Quality brushes will have soft bristles, nice handles to grip and wing on a sleek cat-eye, and it will last.

  2. Clean your makeup brushes after each makeup session.

    Get in the habit of running cool water and antibacterial hand soap over your most used brushes. This could be your foundation and eye-shadow or liner brush or even the “fan” brush for highlighter.

  3. Store them properly.

    Using a grass cylinder cup or even recycling an used candle holder are all good storage options fro makeup brushes. This will also allow them to dry faster.


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