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5 benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase

Oct 23, 2017
  • Benefits of silk pillowcase

Hola Bellezas,

Psst! I have a secret to tell. One of my casual luxuries of life is sleeping on a silk pillowcase. Yes, you heard me right. Forget silk sheets and save your silk pajamas for special occasions.  Switching out your basic cotton fabric pillowcases for silky threads will strengthen not only your hair but also your skin! Did you know that silk contains many natural properties, including amino acids that help keep the skin moisturized?  It’s like a natural protein we can easily incorporate into our beauty routines that will catalyze activating all the products we apply to our face. That means nightly serums and moisturizers will penetrate deeper into the skin and work smarter.  If getting your beauty sleep is the answer to long-lasting youth, then it’s necessary to have the right accessories.

Here are five benefits of using a silk pillowcase:

  1. It’s protein for your skin.

    Choose a mulberry silk fabric to ensure your skin is sleeping on the best canvas possible. This fabric is 100 % long strand silk that will give your skin the best comfort. Silk comes from a silkworm, which as you know, is an animal. So, it’s also a protein!

  2. Wake up beautiful.

    Say goodbye to dry, tired skin. Most breakouts occur overnight. Harsh fabrics can work against your skin while you slumber. Lay your head on a silk pillowcase to calm your skin and maintain the moisture in your skin cells.

  3. Additional hydration.

    Just like there are many health benefits to drinking more than eight glasses of water during the day, the hydration doesn’t have to stop at night. Silk fabrics help hydrate your skin cells overnight which prevent dry skin. Silk also works to decrease fine lines and wrinkles over time.

  4. It’s an agent for your A Complete Highly Concentrated Youth Serum and Facial Youth Moisturizing Cream.

    By adding a silk pillowcase to your nightly regimen, you’re already assisting your favorite A Complete skincare products with perfecting your skin into the best surface possible. And what’s, even more, is that these products will work better! Cotton pillowcases often wipe away and keep the product on the surface. As silk fabrics are more breathable and are threaded differently, products will mix naturally with the silk and your skin to leave a lasting impression.

  5. The magic will happen in your sleep.

    Silk is one of the casual luxuries we all love to indulge. And now, it will give us a more intentional sleep.

Sweet and silky dreams!


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