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Alternative Ways To Use Our Products

Mar 12, 2018
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There are more ways you can use your A Complete  5 – Step Skincare Routine than what’s written in your bundle box. To be an active smart shopper means using your daily skincare products in many different ways. A closet full of products is useless and perhaps a beauty museum if you never put them to work on your skin. And this is exactly why A Complete is not only affordable, it is diverse and for all skin types. Here are four additional ways you can use your A Complete products.

  1. Stretch Marks:

    The Facial Youth Moisturizer is powerful and goes beyond your face! You can attribute its thick, creamy properties HYADISINE® marine, the most active ingredient in the formula that provides long-lasting moisture. Not to mention, the hydration rate is higher with Hyaluronic Acid even after 24 hours. To soften and improve the appearance of stretch marks, feel free to apply generous amounts of moisturizer to the affected areas, including your butt! Use daily and see the change within 7 days of use. 

  2. A Face Mask:

    If you’re thinking about adding a face mask to your skincare regimen, think about using our Youth Preserve Deep Cleanser. It contains papain extract, which is derived from papaya, that makes your skin glow. Before masking, make sure your skin is clean and free of makeup. Use a makeup remover towelette to remove excess oil. On damp skin, apply a thin layer of Youth Preserve Deep Cleanser. Leave on for 15 minutes. This will exfoliate and leave your skin glowing.

  3. Tinted Moisturizer:

    Want a more natural look? Use the Highly Concentrated Youth Preserve Serum with your liquid foundation or concealer. As a favorite technique around our office, our team is always on the go and of course ready to snap a no-makeup makeup selfie with our boss. To achieve our lewk, add a few drops of serum and a few drops of your liquid moisturizer of choice to the palm of your hands. Rub together. Then apply on the skin to the T-zone areas first and perhaps use a concealer brush or sponge to evenly disperse on the skin. This will give you a lighter coverage and au natural finish!

  4. Rapid Hair and Nail Growth:

    If you are looking for a vitamin to make your hair and nails grow, try our Beauty Concentrate Supplements. They contain ingredients that make your hair and nails stronger and also help to better the appearance of your skin. Take our supplements every night and feel the difference.


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