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A Complete—an Unexpected Bonus

Oct 10, 2017
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We all have such beauty inside, a wealth of inner light and power that can bring such joy to ourselves and others when we tap into it, claim it, express it. Share it. Often, though, because of shyness, insecurity, fear, exhaustion—whatever reason—we hide that light from the outside world, sometimes even ourselves. I did. After a stressful period of taking care of my mother in her home for the final six weeks of her battle with lung cancer, I developed eczema. On my face of all places. I’d break out at least two to three times per month, often getting staph infections, which was horrible. I’d take antibiotics, which affected my gut, which affected my skin . . .

When I broke out, I didn’t want to go out—not to the store, to walk the dog, to meet friends for coffee. I was reluctant to make social plans for the future, schedule trips, and register for professional
conferences because I didn’t know what might trigger my eczema. I kept telling myself, “My beauty and light are within me,” but my self-consciousness and frustration affected how I felt about myself inside. I read everything I could find, scoured the Internet, did the tour of dermatologists, energy healers, nutritionists, my general practitioner, and my naturopath. I stopped eating gluten, eliminated all traces of sugar, followed a Chinese medicine diet, eating foods to cool my system, rather than heat it. Nothing. I tried skincare products for sensitive skin, but they made my face break out. I started meditating twice a day, instead of once, which helped with stress, but not enough.

Then I started using A Complete. The products feel rich and luxurious, soothe rather than irritate my skin, nourish and revitalize, and have reduced wrinkles and fine lines. And here’s the great news, something I didn’t expect—A Complete cleared up my eczema! Now, I very rarely have outbreaks, and when I do, it’s just a spot, very mild, and gone in a day or two. I can’t tell you the sense of relief at being able to look in the mirror again without cringing. My skin shines with health. I glow on the outside, which makes me glow on the inside, and that makes me glow even more on the outside. I receive compliments on my skin from my friends, my esthetician, and my dermatologist. They all want to know what I’ve been using.

Finally, I strongly support A Complete’s dedication to empowering women. And while the blend of ingredients is amazing, equally or possibly even more amazing—and something I’ve never felt in a skincare line—is the loving energy in each and every product. I feel it every morning and night when I follow my skincare routine. I’m absolutely in love with A Complete. Extremely grateful. Totally hooked.

Kelly Malone,

A Complete customer
Seattle, Washington, September 2017

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