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4 Facial Serum Facts You Need to Know

Feb 17, 2017
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With many products on the market, how can you choose which are best for your personal skin care? That’s a question women across the globe ask themselves every day.

To narrow the focus, let’s tackle one particular product today: facial serums. Are these truly anti-aging serums? What benefits do they offer? Are they right for you? Here’s a quick overview to help you make an informed decision as you select your skincare products.

What is a facial serum?

A facial serum, also known as an anti-aging face serum, is a lightweight moisturizer that contains powerful doses of vitamins and minerals which are essential for healthy, vibrant skin. The serum penetrates deep in your skin and deposits these concentrated ingredients to achieve a youthful appearance.

What are the benefits of anti-aging serums?

When you invest time and money in a skin-care product, you want it to be worth your while. Facial serums offer several benefits for your skin including brightening, hydration, nourishment, strengthening and prevention of acne. Those are amazing benefits – but how are these possible? Take a look at the following facts for a breakdown of the benefits:

  • Oil reduction: Anti-aging serums are light-weight, water-based products. Serums absorb faster than moisturizers, and do not form a heavy barrier on your skin. This barrier can lock active ingredients out and leave behind a greasy finish that contributes to oily skin. Facial serums keep your skin hydrated, without the oily sheen we all want to avoid.
  • Acne prevention: We’d all love to put breakouts behind us – forever. Facial serums can help. They present oil-reducing qualities, anti-aging serums help prevent breakouts. They don’t leave behind any sticky residue that encourages acne. The result is clear, revitalized skin.
  • Pure potency: Anti-aging serums are specially designed to penetrate deep and pour rich nutrients into your pores. Their formulas contain solely effective ingredients (no fillers) and are made of tiny molecules that are absorbed quickly by your skin. Their anti-aging ingredients include antioxidants, peptides and skin brighteners. These properties create a highly-efficient product that effectively reduces fine lines and eliminates dark spots.
  • Wrinkle reduction: Facial serums reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and regenerate your skin. Anti-aging serums like A Complete’s Highly Concentrated Youth Preserve Serum contain Antarcticine and Argireline, a glycoprotein and a peptide which act as a botulinum toxin to reduce wrinkles and restructure the skin. Natural marine and botanical ingredients enhance the serum’s effectiveness to reduce dark spots and improve your skin’s luminosity and complexion.

These powerful benefits make anti-aging serums a top pick for many skin-care professionals. Would you like to discover these benefits for yourself? Contact the skincare experts at A Complete for more information on anti-aging serums and A Complete’s skincare solutions.

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